Building a Proposition for Future Activities

Summer School

September 12-24, Hamburg, Germany.

By early summer 2017 the newly constructed refugee accommodation located at Poppenbütteler Berg/Ohlendieck, Hamburg, will house between 300 and 650 people (the exact number still being subject to intense contestation) seeking protection from war, violence and lacking economic prospects in their home country. The site is part of the programme ‘dwelling in perspective’ (Flüchtlingsunterkünfte mit der Perspektive Wohnen) with which Hamburg’s senate reacts to the influx of refugees in late 2015 to develop and build new neighbourhoods within one year. 4.800 dwelling units (subsidised housing) in solid (as opposed to temporary) buildings will offer the perspective of dwelling (habiter) not only to refugees in the medium to long term. Due to legal reasons refugees can only be accommodated during the first phase which means that no other usages than sleeping and storing are allowed. The units will be planned and built in accordance with the standard of social housing and procedurally transferred from the initial use as refugee accommodation into a public housing programme. To overcome the mere objective of accommodating (housing question), which excludes being active, we want to introduce the urban question into the discussion of planning. Since the public release of this project in a town meeting in mid 2015, civil society organization Poppenbüttel hilft e.V. is marching through the institutions to argue for an architecture in and from within which new modes of futurity can be practiced.


The summer school will take place from the 12th to the 24th of September 2016 and has one objective, realised in three takes: 1) working on design-build proposals for the community building, 2) the construction and organisation of the first International Mini Golf Grand Prix and 3) constructing a prototype for an architecture in and from within which new modes of futurity can be practiced.

Apart from the organisers the summer school will feature Anne-Julchen Bernhardt (BeL Sozietät für Architektur, Cologne Chair for Building Typology, RWTH Aachen), Jesko Fezer (Studio Experimental Design, HfbK Hamburg) and Alexander Römer (ConstructLab, tbc.).

Homestay: To become acquainted with current and future activities in the neighborhood of Poppenbüttel participants will work in an open studio near the future construction site and find accomodation with members of Poppenbüttel hilft e.V..

For more Information and registration go to ud.hcu-hamburg.de and ahoi Arc-M-402-111 SummerSchool: Building a Proposition for Future Activities. Registration is open until August 19.

Annual theme  2016/17

Luxury. Spatial Politics of Comfort

The theme of the year for 2016/17 deals with the aspects and perspectives of luxury. In general, luxury is usually associated with a contrast between shortage and excess. This is also true for housing. In this context, we examine Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal’s (2013) hypothesis from the (social) housing theory point of view: “LUXURY is not related to money, but it’s the condition of achieving above and beyond what was imagined to be possible.“ Continue reading on ud.hcu-hamburg.de.

Artwork Source: Druot, F., Lacaton, A. and Vassal, J.P., 2007. Plus, large scale housing development: an exceptional case. 1st ed. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.L.